Massacre Fatigue, A Call to Awakening

Grieving with Uvalde.

I doubt the small community contains enough small caskets to cope.

We must not contain our heartbreak.

It must show.

Across the arc of my career in television news came so much of this. Sandy Hook. Mother Emmanuel. Las Vegas.

I am tired.

Weary, trying to fathom what goes off in the mind of a mass murderer. Nor will I abide the notion that nothing can be done. We are a civilization too much written in the blood of innocents. The civilized and the baseline thoughtful know to safeguard children from bodies of water, lawn mowers, venomous snakes. We all know it is too easy for the deranged to place hands on a weapon not even the police in America routinely carry.

We all are weary.

I grew exhausted of carrying such tragedy on my breath to the television audience. Perhaps the audience is so tired, it no longer fully hears it. Inured. Numb. Detached from the gore, as if a violent film plays constant noise and pulp in the background of the everyday. Here, now, to this audience I implore awakening. Let us waken a civil intolerance of conspiracy theories of denial and the misbegotten politics of machismo. Our capacity to dread violence must return to normal.

The ground of Texas awaits the remains of children whose closing breaths came in terror. Law officers nurse wounds of being outgunned by an 18 year old deranged boy who tried to kill his own grandmother. A brave border patrol agent is among them, having stopped it with his service weapon. He will think of what he heard and saw in there the remainder of his life. I am sure he will pray to stop thinking of it.

How are we to think about it?

I suggest first we feel.

Empathy with Uvalde will serve us well.

Our collective blood as a nation has been shed.

In it is written our grief, and our calling.

One Response to “Massacre Fatigue, A Call to Awakening”

  1. What it feels like is not if, but whenever we learn of the next such tragedy, there’s plenty of talk; proposed gun control, grieving and prayers. Not long after the status quo wins again and we go back to the complacency of, “this is just the way it is“ does the horrific cycle of imbalance and mental health issues that lead to the Uvalde’s, begins again.

    The US has seen over 200 mass shootings since January — more than any other developed country… Developed? Really?

    I’ll continue to say my prayers and vision our world as being safe for our children, elders and every other sentient being – away from the ignore-ance of core issues that cannot continue to stand as acceptable policy.

    Thanks for your continued heartfelt sentiments and words my friend. 🙏🏼

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