Finding What No One Else Can Hear

Sidney Poitier was not born an Academy Award-winning actor.

He became one.

He heard a voice within himself no one else could hear.

Only since his death on January 6 have many come to know of Sidney Poitier’s Bahamian farm roots. He grew up with a heavy island dialect. It led to rejection after rejection in his climb toward acting.

But rejection would not kick the man’s aspirations.

It would not silence HIS voice.

In the face of so many saying NO, he worked as a janitor in a theater in exchange for acting lessons. He listened to the radio to refine his voice, his future, never losing contact with his past.

His story reminds us we all have a voice. A unique one. To unearth it from the ore of imitation and the ordinary is to discover a gem. A natural work of art.

As unique as the iris of your eyes.

The world would come to see and to hear the high art of Poitier. He would lend his well-discovered self to some of the finest theater and cinema ever done.

It takes some daring, some courage, to work so hard at simply being yourself. To dare unearth the gem and let others see, and hear.

So it is with every human story, yearning to be told well.

His sure was.

What about yours?

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