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The Unbreakable Within

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2021 by michaelcogdill

As I heal from this esophageal trouble that has suddenly digested any lingering ingratitude for feeling well, I chose to re-read one of the greatest ever. The Old Man and the Sea.

Just a moment’s thought here on the end.

Santiago lies exhausted on his bed after a battle that could yank the life from a dozen younger men. His great fish is gone, lost to predators. He went out too far, and came back poorer than when he left.

Or was he?

Lying spent on the newspapers lining the bed of his shack, Santiago’s hands are open, palms upward. Papa Hemingway made sure we see this image in our minds. The battle with the 18 foot marlin and the sharks who claimed it butchered both hands to pulp. But they still are open, facing the heavens.

Open. Empty. Wounded.

But in the very end, the boy who had once fished with him until the old man’s luck ran out, sits beside him. The boy who has wept at Santiago’s loss is steady at that bedside. Making sure his friend has food, dignity.

Santiago is not alone.

A man cannot hold such riches in empty hands. He holds them in his very being. Even in exhaustion fit for a million lifetimes, there is no absolute defeat. Not for Santiago.

In the end, he sleeps, dreaming of lions he has seen gather on a beach. Innocence is never lost. Like true riches, it is steadfast. Like a true and young friend watching over us as we sleep.