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Stealing From Me to Rob Her

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2018 by michaelcogdill

A caveat to us all.  One to share!

A few weeks ago, a very kind Canadian woman got in touch with me about misuse of my likeness. A scam artist had harvested my pictures, used them on a website portraying himself as an entrepreneur in the oil business. He charmed her, won her heart, then convinced her to invest money with him. He’s very smooth, magnetically convincing, and an utter fraud.

Needless to say, her money is gone. He’s gone. Law enforcement will not touch it. It’s a caveat emptor situation. Authorities would say — beware as you buy in. Beware letting your heart and mind get invested, well before any money changes hands.

In any romantic endeavor, remain enormously, profoundly, uninterruptedly skeptical of letting money change hands.

This thief hid behind me and stole a woman’s money, a portion of her dignity. She is ashamed of what happened, but desires to warn others. This is the first of the warnings.

Assume the worst of those you have not met, yet who act like they’ve known you all their lives. I love you should take a long while. It is never a transaction.

Yes, there’s a name for this. In internet parlance, it’s called catfishing. In the old ways, it’s called stealing, thievery, treachery.

Scoundrels of the old ways have found new ways to relieve people of their money. Don’t be their victim. Don’t believe them. Don’t indulge them. Block them. Run!

More on this to come. And please share this. If you’ve been in conversation with such a person, please share your story here, and with me. These scoundrels love the dark. Let’s throw on some lights!

And let’s begin with these red flags, straight from the lady herself. If you see these, again, RUN!!

1. He is unable to meet you within a reasonable time.
2. Numerous setbacks prevent you from meeting.
3. He has no friends or family who live locally.
4. He travels frequently.
5. He professes he has feelings for you very soon after you connect.
6. His emails and texts frequently are grammatically and/or syntactically incorrect.
7. He makes many promises to you…promises of gifts, trips, a future together, etc.
8. He assures you he is honest and trustworthy.
9. He asks you to communicate by phone and to use a email address not linked to the dating site.
10. There are gaps in communication, sometimes days at a time.
11. He needs to “borrow” money for an emergency and you are the only person who can save him.