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Lose the Pedestal. Hit the Ground.

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2018 by michaelcogdill

We don’t climb into deeper love with Divine love. We fall there. Only in the plowed ground of our admitted failings do we grow upward, more alive, less apt to fall so hard next time, and the next.

We fall into true love with one another the same. Not in high-minded poetics, but in humble words and acts that speak of all we are not, after all. Only when people fall for our true humility, into the rich ground of our humanity, our honesty, will they know they’re in the company of the truly human.

Someone they can believe.

A being capable of authentic, peace-granting love. Someone safe and fit to love.

Pray for those who accuse you of being worse somehow than they. Poor dizzy souls, they accuse from a pedestal, way up where there is no water, no ground of grace. It’s a sad, lonesome place up there. Tiresome the climb. A human spirit withers on a pedestal it knows it doesn’t deserve.

But down low, where we fall, we bloom. And true love, likewise.