The Half Dollar Swallows His Whole Foot

50 Cent, who’s famously consigned his brand to spare change, called out Floyd Mayweather with all the grown manhood of a grammar school boy’s room brawl.

50, you lost this brawl the moment the call-out fell out of your mouth.

First, here’s the story.  Read this and cease to wonder why sometimes I’m ashamed to have so much testosterone gliding through my veins:

This specious little pledge to charity by 50 cent reminds me how full-frontal ugly it is when one man tries to prove another man a lesser intellect.  50, you call out this successful man’s reading skill?  You deem it funny, trying to humiliate such a man on a global stage?  Do you realize Mayweather has made no small money and legacy with his mind?  Do you forget the night job he does with his hands?  Him you call out?

Floyd Mayweather, thank you!!!  I applaud your restraint.  I applaud how you revere your children, and the children of the world.  Thank you for this:

 Now, having said all this, I pray that peace will make a stand between these two men.  Charity begins with a heart-born homefire of human kindness.  I believe both these men celebrate — and possess — fine intellects.  Like the rest of us, they are imperfect souls living in a flawed world full of goodness, after all.  May we all use our resources — yep, even the testosterone — to perfect the circumstances of those on the downside of advantage!!!

And yes, we all read aloud best without a foot in our mouths.


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