The Unexpected Beauty of Brokenness

Grief quiets us. It teaches us. Breaks us, yet grief makes us better than before.

We’ve seen it through the sorrows after Newtown, Connecticutt. Grief weakening us to make us strong. Such global loss of lives reveals us. It reminds us the breaking of a heart opens that heart. Into the breakage step the broken, there to abide and embrace and heal one another. Watch for it. In the words and tears of a stranger, the embrace is there, one human brokenness serving another. It’s in the volunteers who bring golden retrievers to love on surviving children and children at heart. This brokenness lets in a rare band of light. Even a pinprick of it reminds us that darkness is no match for a random kindness. In the same fine way, death is no match for love.

The aching of a human heart is a prayer. As a heart groans and weeps, outwardly, inwardly, it opens its arms to the mysteries where God abides. There, in the dark, an aching heart feels around to find its way. It reaches for a light switch that waits for us all. In that dark, God beyond the divisions of religion comes down to us. As the psalmist said, even the dark is not darkness to God. To God, the night is as bright as the day.

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. In this dark time in American life — in the life of the world — some will shake their fists at the heavens, asking, “why?” “How could you? How dare you allow it?” This, I believe in my faith, is a conversation starter God adores.

In this conversation, may we listen well. May we serve beyond what looks possible. May we recognize love as the only truly high gift a human life can give. It is the only gift that grows more beautiful each time it’s returned. Unlike a chartreuse sweater trimmed in lavender, love drapes us in beauty. It becomes us. Becomes the only lasting part of us. It is the gift we ought give, and receive, with extravagance.

Cheers to extravagant love. It is the entirety of why we’re here. It is the only antidote to what wounds us. Such love makes brokenness beautiful — which makes it a perfect fit for us all.


2 Responses to “The Unexpected Beauty of Brokenness”

  1. Thank you Michael for your heart felt and spirit-filled post following another human tragedy. I have heard so many reports over the last few days that I am left empty of expression. I have been unable to read the many posts from the bloggers following this recent tragedy.

    But, your post reached a part of me which could not igmore your message. As always, you get right to the deepest heart of it.
    Bless you Michael.

    • ahfh3boys Says:

      beautiful – just found you today from a facebook link – thank you for sharing about your childhood – so many of us are wounded – many blessings 🙂

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