Brace to Taste the Bugs

I see many people who want a life akin to one of those big winged hood ornaments — out front, on display, catching the light, the wind, the gnats.  Never thinking they might catch the first hell of a head-on collision. 

As someone who makes his living in the spotlight, I can tell you it’s not nearly as easy, glamorous or fun as it can appear.  Being out front, on that high display, does not come with automatic meaning, nor does it plow a deep legacy.  All the bugs get big at 85 miles an hour.

And yet, to push the metaphor a tad futher, too many content themselves with ridin’ in the back, tail-glued to the rumble seat.  It’s easy to content the heart as a follower, afraid to climb out and drive.  I’ve been there in my day.

Or, to push it all way too far, are we too often a set of tailfins?  Do we ride high and do little but chrome the tail lights and echo Elvis? (Don’t send mail, I love the King, too)  Are we content with being lovely hind teets of the highway? 

I suppose it all distills to this.  The real strength, the meaning of the whole thing, is found in the motion — the journey and the getting there.  Perhaps we live at our best when we help someone else arrive.  In so doing, we arrive, as well.

If you’re out front, brace for the bugs.  In the back?  Don’t take it as a destiny. 

And feel free to tell me to shut up and drive.  Or get out and walk!!  It’s not so bad, wiping the bugs from your eyes, pickin’ them from your teeth, hoofing it into the sunset!  Some good light comes with that, too. 

We’re all bound to find another soul out walking, watching the hood ornaments and the tail fins race by.



One Response to “Brace to Taste the Bugs”

  1. Love the metaphor! Now it’s time to go ponder what part of the car I am…

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