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Don’t Just Sleep With A Dream. Get Hitched To It!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2011 by michaelcogdill

This qualifies as no one’s poetry, though it’s not quite prose.  It started as a summation of the little speech I recently gave to a the Upstate Film Community — a great group of fellow artists working in television and film.   But by the end, I liked what it says about everyone, and everyone’s dream.  I hope you take from it the same joy writing it brought me.

Say “I do” to your dreams

Wed yourself to them – before you can even fully see them.

Marry them — expecting to live up to them. 

Marry them for love.

Long for them.

Serve them.

Then feel the dream love you in return.

Rejection and what feels like failure will threaten.

Expect that.

Grieve it when it comes.

Then leave it on the path behind you, carrying only what you learned of it.

Carry on with dreams well guarded in your heart.

Knowing they are beautiful creatures some people will despise.

Even your friends will set a mountain of doubt between your dreams and you.

It’s up to you to climb that wilderness mountain.

Cut your own trail over it, marking it for those who’ll come behind you.

And on the way – ask “why?”

Why do I want this thing to come true?

Will it serve only a stagnant me?

Or will it make me soar beyond my present self?

Will your dream carry you to your highest legacy – where you’ll serve the dreams of others?

Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to serve the poor.

George Clooney is serving the cause of peace in Darfur.

Mother Teresa said, “Charity isn’t about pity.  It’s about love.”

And so it is with dreams – of Hollywood or otherwise.

Big dreams and big love make a mighty good match.

May such love light your way over that wilderness mountain before you.

Off toward living a dream.

One so big – it’s a perfect match for YOU.