A Storm Of Love, On Loan

I borrowed this from my She-Rain blog, just to offer up a little revival of what seems Summertime at her finest — calling us all to live in the fun of a barefoot kind of love.  Enjoy, knowing the novel taking form in my heart now draws from a similar storm.

The rise of a thunder cloud feels like someone woke the heavens from a hot afternoon’s drowse. The sight of a storm, even miles off, wakens my own heart, draws it to a porch, a dock, even the prow of a boat — any place to stay still and wait.  A burst of rain, soon to blow in, moves this writer’s heart with beauty beyond words.    

To all who feel this calling, welcome to the madness.  We’re a touch crazy, but then, authentic love is a madness as well. 

She-Rain celebrates this madness of a love that breaks onto hearts as a freshening storm.  In the novel, two women and one man — all among the chronically underestimated — rise on the force of a love that rains beauty into their world.  This wonderfully complicated and sometimes terrifying love forms a triangle no one sees coming.  As with a good storm, these young hearts in love change the atmosphere around them.  Their longing reminds us that to ache for someone is to live, fully. And that love, well done, finds us longing for one another as we long for the best for one another.   

The great Mark Twain said, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”  I enjoy the thought that a healthy summer storm is but a quick brush with the laughter of heaven.  As someone who’s been struck by lightning, I can ably say it’s a force we can scarcely measure.  But so are the longings of love, in all the forms we know them.

As you take in the narrative of She-Rain, I trust it will move into your heart and mind with the truth that love is a storm, but also a high calling to seek the shelter of one another.  True love becomes a safe zone — yet one with the windows up, the curtains billowed high, always letting in the fine cantakerous, heavenly hell-raising feel of that longing.  Authentic love is mighty good for you, and good is how it feels. 

Here’s to how such love changes the atmosphere of the heart.  And to some good heat after rain.


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